Business is Africa’s First Electric Mobility Ecommerce Platform

Electric mobility is an industry that is growing at a rapid rate, with many companies around the world working to make the technology more accessible and affordable. In Africa, the e-bike industry is just beginning to take off, but it has already attracted the attention of investors and manufacturers from around the world.

In Ghana, Gasorebikes has been able to establish partnerships with global key players in the industry. Their website is also the first e-commerce platform in Africa dedicated to electric mobility., Africa’s first electric mobility ecommerce platform, is sole agent for OKAI EB50

Gasore Electric has formed partnerships with respectable brands and companies like OKAI, MXUS, AKEZ, and Bafang—all of which are companies that produce electric bikes, kits and scooters. These partnerships will go a long way toward contributing to increased employment within this growing industry as well as increasing access to good quality products and parts on the continent of Africa.

The company’s vision for this space is to provide a 360-degree solution for commuters using electric bikes, scooters, and vehicles: from sourcing high-quality parts at competitive prices; providing after-sales services; repairing damaged vehicles; as well as offering financing options for customers who may not be able to afford their purchases outright.

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