GasorElectric Sports X6 ready for orders

Pre-rder GasorElectric X6

Electric vehicles and mopeds will take over the streets of Africa, and this is not a subject for debate. While the rest of the world figures out how soon this will be, Torks Premium Auto, makers of the GasorElectric Brand of electric mopeds has launched a stunning model called the GasorElectric Sports X6 for the African market.

The founder of the ambitious company, Daniel Elorm Oben-Torkornoo, has expressed his confidence in the product and says that the quality of the electric motorbike can be compared to top brands around the world. The specifications of the X6 as listed on their website shows that it can cover a range of between 85-90km at a speed of 75km/hr. He also mentioned that this bike is very much targetted at first-time riders as well as top veteran riders who want a second bike for town rides.

The GasorElectric X6 is powered by a 3000 watts motor and a 72V, 30Ah lithium ion battery. It takes between 6 to 8 hours to fully charge the bike. It is estimated that it will not cost more than $1 on the average to fully charge (across Africa) based on charging rates for domestic and commercial properties.

This is what we believe and are working towards, as espoused by our founder, Elorm.

Electric mobility is here to stay and we, at GasorElectric, are keen to contribute to the carbon emmission-free and clean environment the world is aiming at while empowering our own people in various ways to build this industry and enjoy the economics benefits that come with it.

The GasorElectric costs $2500 including shipping and duties to most African countries. Prices will be cheaper in other countries because of the softer to no taxes on the importation of electric mopeds and vehicles.

Kindly make your order here.

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